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We are celebrating Hollywild Heroes, the staff and volunteers who have worked tirelessly to help us to manage our grief and all the issues related to the tragic loss of 27 animals who died as result of smoke inhalation in a fire in our primate barn 1/9/14. The Hollywild staff and board are incredibly appreciative of the support offered by so many. Please know, we have no intention of closing Hollywild and are continuing to meet all animal care needs during our winter season. We are moving forward and looking forward to our 2015 Park Season which will open as scheduled weekends in March and daily beginning April 1st.

Thank you for visiting!

The park is currently closed. We will reopen for weekends in March and starting daily in April.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and important calendar dates here and on our Facebook page.

It’s time to step out of the routine and into the wild… Hollywild!
Come and enjoy the loud and rambunctious, peaceful and majestic, massive and colorful, creatures that call Hollywild home. Enjoy your interaction with many of our residents. Animal Food is available for purchase at several locations throughout the park. Feeding the animals is a favorite activity for all ages.  
We’ll take you on our Outback Safari Ride through 70+ acres of free roaming animals. It’s great fun to spot the hidden babies in the woods while being surrounded by dozens of animals, many which will eat right out of your hand. These animals include: Fallow, Sika and White Tail Deer… Zebras… Bison… Watusi Cattle… Scottish Highlanders… Donkeys… Emus… and more. This is truly a one of a kind adventure!  Don’t forget your camera. While on Safari, be sure to look for “Tank” Hollywild’s famous Rhino… you’ll recognize him from the current ZICAM commercials..

We want your experience to be fun and safe! Click here to watch on video on petting zoo safety :-)

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